In order to explore the strategies for exploiting enterprise knowledge, experts have come up with an extraordinary approach that has the ability to bring such abstract themes closer to people who are interested in educating themselves on the subject.


Integrative document and content management have but one approach and that is to blend practice and theory with a single goal. Providing the practical guidelines and knowledge to huge consortium’s and conglomerates. This is only to inform them about the necessary comprehension of the importance of document management. To their operations as well as the presentation of document content to better understand business and operations support and planning.

For those who are about to embark upon application of such integrated document management systems. This book will be simply perfect as it will point out the most important steps in order for the implementation to be successful.


This book has a basic plan of adapting the attempt to embrace the implementation. And strategic issues of adoption of document management among the corporations. Since this is really a very challenging agenda. The authors actually managed to deliver their expert approach of how this issue could be efficiently handled.

The solutions to numerous document management issues

Such well structured and informative book could give a much needed insight on the subject that. More or less, concerns almost every corporation in this world. The point is to represent a perspective on the evolution of document and content management. As well as to shed some light on a synopsis of the contemporary business affairs and environment.

There are numerous external and internal factors that can largely influence the way enterprises handle their documentation. Documents evolved a lot in the past couple of years and with that evolution comes a new way of document management.

This book also deals with the various types of processing of different types of documents. It offers a different approach to document processing depending on the type of the document. There are many challenges that come with the managing documents in governments and business enterprises and the characteristics of the Integrative document and content management can greatly help to overcome them all.

In order to use the full potential of this book. It is important to know how to deal with the planning aspects of any project. That includes integrative document and content management. This needs to include factors like life cycle development, feasibility, scope and many more. Also, a policy framework needs to be developed because it helps to enable a certain enterprise. To articulate its document managing policy as well as how relevant it is to do so. All in all a really great book.