The International Journal of Web Services Research or popularly referred to as IJWSR, is the first international publication that is refereed. It features only the latest modern industry solutions and research findings that all revolve around every aspect of Web services technology.

Web services are constantly improving, advancing and upgrading so this journal is about those advancements. Practices and standards of web services. It also deals a lot with what defines the future of communication, multimedia and web services on grid computing.


I have discovered that it actually purposefully merges research topics related to the advancement of web services and the utilization of those services by provides a formal but open publication for those who desire to better comprehend the complex challenges in web services technology.

By publishing the highest quality articles that were developed by practitioners, researchers, developers, educators and theoreticians. IJWSR brings such subjects closer to everyone interested to know more.


Since web services are now among the most relevant technologies, especially being present in the area of a newly developed branch of business affairs called e-business or online business, web services have become the most important technology in both the communication and computer software industries. This new technology will redefine the way of doing business for the companies. All over the world as well as the way of exchanging information. All of this has but one mission, to enhance business efficiency.

The importance of IJWSR

Since these services are crucial in the technology field. There are constant researches going on in the various areas of the field. Parallel with it is the effort of standardization organizations which are actively doing all they can to develop standards for web services. I can safely say that web services will largely contribute. To the development of the most important industry that will mark our century.

Once we now know how important web services are. It is completely safe to say that IJWSR was created with only one reason. And that is to be a precious resource that will efficiently provide leading trends, ideas. Development and technologies to the international organizations of engineers, researchers, scientist. And anyone else who is interested in the field of web services.

There are plenty of topics covered on IJWSR but I will try to name. A few of the most important ones. Anyone who reads my blog is probably mostly interested in computer science and It. So I will try to point out topics closely related to aforementioned fields. Since my blog covers topics closely related to science and business. Here are some of the topics that are the most interesting ones like web services architecture, modeling and performance.