To many, computer science and information technology may seem completely the same thing but the truth is, they are not the same at all. Both revolve around computers and their extraordinary abilities to do amazing things but they differ in their cores. Computer science, information technology, and computer engineering are all disciplines within the same field of study at the college level.


This does not mean that each of them focuses on the same aspect of the field, no, this means that each specialty focuses on a very specific aspect of the field and vary greatly. Computer scientists are very much focused on computational applications and they perfectly understand how computer programs work.

With a bit of a combination of math and algorithms, they are easily able to invent various new ways how they can transfer and manipulate any information. It is their specialty to know all there is about operating systems and how to implement them as well as software.

This just leads me to believe that computer scientists are actually the ones who are exploring the fundamentals of software development and design, discrete and linear math and the difference between programming languages. That is simply what they do and what they teach to other people.

The users of technology

This is how people commonly call IT experts, specialists, and professionals. I personally think that IT experts are people who are capable of understanding how information system and administration work. They are capable of using that technology in order to make and create something that will upgrade and enhance our existence on this planet.


Science always worked closely with business when I better look at it. There is a need for a better software for laser optic surgery. The scientist will make one and the businessmen will make sure it gets to the right hands. Simple as that.

So to bring the idea of IT closer to my readers. I think that it would be the best to understand how IT works. IT successfully utilizes applications, software, and existing operating systems in order to create a complex and highly efficient system that can solve complicated and specific business problems. IT also provides automated solutions to business companies in order to make some things a bit easier for them.

The great advantage of IT is that it can find its way everywhere. In a world of today, IT is present in almost everything. There is no company that runs its business successfully without using the benefits of IT. It is just that IT professionals can greatly help with solving technology problems. In any business field by using the necessary tools to carry out the given task.